Sunday, August 31, 2008

the coin

ah, my coin will have just one face now.

bye-bye "two faces on the book" problem.

another lesson learned from this experience is got when i try to link the issue, again, with dark knight the movie.

isn't it interesting friends, that it is better to have one face than two. as long as the one you have suits different kinds of mask, just in case the drama you are about to perform requires you to play a role different than the usual one. nothing bad, just for the sake of the story.


Aida said...

kita semua punya banyak wajah, vahd ...

yang harus kita lakukan, bagaimana menjadi pemain drama yang handal. Begitu khan? :)

Vahd Mulachela said...

absolutely, Ai.
I'm glad you put it that way. :)