Wednesday, September 10, 2008


there is no dragon in sight. yet most of the people seem to be away. leaving me with plenty of room and time and tunes to enjoy the cold room here by myself.

the colleagues got ill. flu touches them one by one. first ross the boss and then ruby tuesday. hmm... health is an important issue to everybody, indeed.

i hope you all get well soon.


Anonymous said...

Heeeeeyyyy!!! Despite Ross the Boss and Ruby Tuesday were away (for a while.. and just for a while).. I believe that there is no such thing called "cold room" for you dearvahd ;)

Ross the Boss and Tuesday will always there for you.. To give that special sparks in every single corner of your heart.. in every single time..

so, don't worry yaaa!

Vahd Mulachela said...

cold room is a room where the people are caught in a cold. or flu perhaps. and they need to get some rest to recover.

anyway, good to have you back again dude.