Saturday, July 25, 2009

la maison ou j'ai grandi

the harbor lights were shining, the moon was at its high. the captain said, "thank god, we're home! we've drunk the barrels dry." the mizzen mast was shaken, and the lanterns all burned low, i'd never thought we'd make it, but we've twenty leagues to go. so blow your southern trades, and guide me safely to the shore, i'll never gonna sail the seven seas no more.

i don't want to miss the sand in my hair, the roll of the tide and the salt in the air. deep inside it's true, i'm a home loving man, comin' on home to you. i don't want to miss the wind in my eyes, the shimmerin' light when the seagull flies. lo, i've traveled far, i'm a home loving man, and home is where you are...

so here i am, back to the green house, bandung, la maison ou j'ai grandi.