Thursday, June 02, 2016

calea victoriei

this very afternoon i wandered alone through the calea victoriei in bucharest city. those light steps were perhaps similar to the ones i took fourteen years ago when i last came here in 2002, and also a year before - the time i first visited romania in 2001.

there are several unthinkable experiences in your life that you feel so humbled to encounter. deeply grateful. when your sight was curiously taken back through time, seeing yourself walking, and then you are amazed to realise something. your heart is capable to feel and understand - even though perhaps your mind couldn't hardly derive any conclusion.

this is the same bucuresti. with its calea, piata, strada and, located in orlando ten, the ambasada republicii indonezia. that was where i, as a curious stranger, used to play badminton with other curious strangers.

who knows where will i be in the next fourteen or fifteen years? what would bucharest be like? i need no definite answer.

to me, more than anything - this third visit to romania feels as if a curtain has been shed and a window has been opened before my eyes. enabling me to recollect, reflect and always be thankful. for the journey, the friendships, the compassions, the lessons, that shape this attitude, which i probably shall carry through the rest of my life.