Sunday, August 31, 2008

the end of august

the end of august has a talent to unite the five of us back home. jack, jim, will, vahd and niki. what a cozy feeling to get together again. and interestingly to me, it happens in a coinciding weekend when the four months meet: august, september, sha'ban and ramadan.

in fact, there is something about the end of august which is special to me.

some of you may know, yanni, a greek composer, arranged a blissful rhapsody named "the end of august". this tune is one of my favorite songs. it is from an album which yanni recognized as a clear and honest album, and consistent in its mood, "in my time". although instrumental, the title alone speaks so clearly that you can almost feel the human being behind the music.

there are still many things to tell about my end of august. it is more than simply an anticipation of september, when a new story shall begin. the end of august also marks a birthday of a friend of mine. and i sincerely want to wish her a happy and meaningful birthday. she's a healer.

i wish all of you have a good story to memorize and to reflect about your end of august too...

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