Friday, April 30, 2010


glad to see aviv and his wife vina shining as a new couple in surabaya last sunday. glad, because i was able to be there. simply because of that. it was a happy occasion with relatives and friends. tammama was also present. she came from flores island, her second home where she lives the life of a kelimutu dentist.

now, we are back to our duties. everyone has a work to do. and i'm not an exception. for me, it will be about resuming my movements from dot to dot. creating a web of ideas and travels, while inwardly hoping that there might be a pause, so that one could sketch a clearer picture of the landscape i am roaming around. i'm back working with wonderful team. and you know, it's rewarding to see that in your work some of your ideas are manifested into reality.

well, tomorrow i should be on my way to kuala lumpur. i've never been there before. it will be a new land to visit for me. and i'm looking forward to it, although i'm not packing yet.

how can i pack? i'm still here, writing this note... oi oi oi.

Friday, April 16, 2010

for oii

God please give courage to her family in their loss.
a friend, remembered for her kindness, now left us.

we love you, oii.

"...your talent came flowing, through the stories they tell
and through the faces of those who loved you so well
your life gave them a treasure, a piece of themselves
something they carry, and still serves them well..."

(B. May)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

turn in the corner

in these days i'm having a hoarse voice; and i long for a remedy.

but wow. how glad i was when i heard his voice again, and learned that he sounds happy when i called him.

now i know that there is a plan. or two plans, perhaps. one his; another His.

it's been more than a year since i arrived in that train station, visiting him in his small town of lemgo. we tried to be punctual back then; but failed to make it. being on-time was too much a luxury to afford, wasn't it? haa...

having a quality time with him, for small talk, play ps three, or just watch a good movie, is always fun. my best wishes to him, and that may he make a ladder and climb on its every rung to reach his brightest star.