Monday, December 27, 2010

dearest snow

snowflakes greet me from outside the window, 'hi vahd, i see your long weekend has been a good one. i'm sorry it's almost over. i know how you feel about this. tomorrow you must resume your duty, fill your cup until it's full enough - one day.'

left, right, up and down. look! - how lively the snowflakes fly. they seem weightless. the gravity tries to pull them down to the ground, but winds command them to other directions.

if one snow touched my window; it melted almost immediately. and, like tears on a face of a sad person, it leaves a trace on the glass - for a while. until the wind wipes away the trace, sooner rather than later.

and the trees in the garden, except the pines, are leafless now. they will remain like that for a couple of weeks. when spring is here.