Monday, January 28, 2008

on that day

on that day you taught me some new words. so that i could understand, listen and speak in a language that you use. to me those terms are foreign. even though my daily work is dealing with foreign affairs, but those words you taught me are foreign in a different way. i shall not elaborate here what kind of foreign that was. but the point is, i am glad to learn about them. and i know now how to react or just to response when i hear, or read, somnolen, soporous, or even jamhuur...

thank you for sharing.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

because of a few tales

because of a few tales, which i haven't been able to complete so far; and some paper assignments i have yet to accomplish by the weekend; as well as two or three additional pages i must prepare for an article in a magazine due in this month; plus one photo album that has become my responsibility to assemble since two years ago; i have neglected so many minutes i could have otherwise used for sitting here, and reading my new books, that of noam chomsky and some russian authors, playing my favorite pc games, rearranging and decorating my room, going to my hometown and visiting a library there with my dearest old friends, listening to vangelis or mark knopfler in the afternoon, sleeping until midday, eating instant noodles with egg, washing my shoes, watching quality movies avec mes amies, watering my small garden, chatting with little birds, singing some old tracks of bob dylan, tony bennett or just anything that jazz... dum de dum, tum te tum...

because of a few tales.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

for travel's sake

in a writers' museum in edinburgh, november 2005, i found this sentence written on a wall, close to the ceiling of a small bathroom.

by a man who once traveled for travel's sake...

this sentence is short. but i can picture the man's face when he wrote it. and this impression stays in my head ever since.

this short sentence has since then traveled far within my mind. it escapes its original place in scotland. i took it home. i store it in my notebook. i reread it. and here it is. it comes again as a new page, for anyone who has interest in traveling for its own sake.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

café au lait - part ii

and 24 hours later. friends come in bringing surprise. spicy sti, hardy (le japonais), the q's, bouncing bonnie, riando, ajeng as well as imran. all of them came into this place and suddenly my double expresso tastes somewhat richer.

happy new years!!! again!!!