Monday, September 17, 2012

redefining september

it is september now
september, for many years to come
every heart's adjusting
to this strict september drum

i see ten septembers in a row
with numbers on their days
display some new conclusions
which all of us have missed

so let's drink to when it's over
and let's drink to when we meet
i'll be standing on this corner
where there used to be a street.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

the way you break the silence

i like the way you break the silence, i really do. i wish the aspiration of flight taps your shoulder, and hurriedly you are here. nearer and swifter than those red-winged blackbirds nesting among the reeds of dyke marsh.

and i will relate for you a story or two, that surely will draw moonshine into your eyes.

"look! round like a tennis ball, the moon is floating up there. yellow mellow looking at my shadow - silently - as if in doubt whether to greet in english or spanish. hola! hellow!"

the potomac river flows on. a breathtaking view from the key bridge that connects the banks of rosslyn and the darling streets of georgetown. the circus of the sun, the totem tale, unfolding at the fort of washington: not knowing if we shall be around on time, or will destiny's traffic lights chain our uncertain feet to the unpaved future's street where high hopes and egos meet. yet another simple twist of fate?

soon, on days like these, summer's leaves will cease to stay green, and autumn's chills will stand at the doorstep of september. a quiet music chanted by the stars above will be played for the siblings of dawn. like a butterfly excited by the presence of nectar in lilacs, i cherish the thoughts of you and your laughters - which are like flowers valentines can not buy.