Tuesday, September 03, 2013


went home for the second time this year. with a handful of things to do, things to say, things to remember and things to forget.

people to meet and people to greet. rendezvous of hearts, joyful days to celebrate, surrounded by relatives and friends.

the mandates i was tasked to carry and fulfil. the assignments entrusted upon me to complete. as a second secretary, and as a restless bee. trying to make sense of it all:

how long does it take for flowers to realise that the sun is shining and that the season is right for them to bloom?


Anonymous said...

go flow :)
flowing as the lord given to
glowing as the time shown to
mesmerized as the buzz caught to
cheering as the world spoken to
loving as the life been teach to

"Time is a precious never waste it " - Willy Wonka & The chocolate factory


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Apple is red
Honey is sweet
As morning sunshine has mesmerized me
And as the dew drops has crowned me
But still longing your beautiful words to bloom...
Keep on writing will ya ... Cheers :)