Thursday, June 27, 2013


that morning while walking along a wet pavement,
he gently eased a snail to the safety of a grass
with his toe.
to spare anyone passing a dirty shoe
or the pain of even a small murder.
the snail did not know what had happened
and that its life had been spared -
and might even cross the pavement again -
but a giant the snail could not see or comprehend
had given it another chance of life.

"i wondered if perhaps the same had happened
to me some time in my life
when unbeknown to me,
some thing or some one
had gently eased me to safety
with the touch of a toe."


Anonymous said...

humanism to get wondering about, but if u willing to do none expect to much about the return, just do. Remember that Allah SWT have HIS own charges for everyone.

Happy Ied Mubarrak Vahd.


Anonymous said...

ayo keluarin lagi tulisn2x kerennya, happy ied

Unknown said...

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