Friday, December 06, 2013


please tell me again - slowly if you can - how to correctly spell your name;
for i've tried it many times, with attempts to make it rhyme and sound quite like mine.

just right there and then - you said it again that everything happened for a reason;
and when i missed by a blink, how to correctly write your name, it also happened with a good lesson.

maybe i don't know the name. or maybe ours' is the same.


Anonymous said...

tu kan bnran nambah ,,, ga percaya sii (u,u')

Anonymous said...

if i tell you my name - would you keep it rhyme in your mind?

It's true that things happened for a reason - that always come with good lesson.

maybe you don't want to know my name. because our's is not the same.

Anonymous said...

See! How's your fans longing you! :D
So, keep on the tune!
I've been learning for whole my life that this complicated life and somehow with its untold mysteries won't stop me to move on as to maintain my fertile brain for creations. I hope ours is the same. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Never tried to make it rhyme like urs when it wasn't
Maybe it was the last blink that given knows that both weren't the same