Monday, May 18, 2009

new fashion in town

although i am not professionally a fashion designer, who can share clever opinion on whether green and purple are match with each other, or which one of them should be a little bit brigther, lately i can judge that houses dress themselves to fit this season's colours. and they look better.

also the bikes. they put make up in vibrant shapes and colours and looked much merrier. perhaps soon the other permanent residents of the city will have to adjust their outward costumes too. hohoo...

"this is my new green cloth," says the house to the bikes.

"and these are our purple balloons," replied the bikes.


Nona Lena said...

and as always.. I adore your notes as well Vahd.. and also, Miss you a lot!!!

witz said...


BeluBelloBelle said...

mmm like the 1st time i saw this pic 2 yrs ago...hey am fallin' love with them.
Thank's GOD, u bring me this scene through his mind.
Thx to you too dearvahd :)