Saturday, May 16, 2009


thank you, victor. it is a wonderful surprise that 'on days like these', your book, arrived today.

it is indeed a comfort to know that some things never change. a place, a face, a feeling, a taste, a warmth, a poem, a friendship, anything. a constant thing that stays as it has always been.

like the sun.

perhaps it's because i am a may man. a taurean like you. who never quite want to get too far away from the sun. and from the tales that you have written.

it feels so nice read from you again. especially on the days like these. almost ten years since i was first introduced to you. in that old building where your book of traveller's tales rested as a collection. donated by the british council.

i know that some of them, those who speak very fluently the language of the snows, are also fond of swiming in your lines.

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