Friday, September 04, 2009

vietopians and tatorism

like two vietopians lost in a vietnamese restaurant,
one was ben, and the other one was me,
lost ourselves in delicious noodle soup served in large bowls.

he fancied seafood; i beef.
i quenched my thirst with ginger ale; he bintang.

but soon, oh soon, we arrived at a same conclusion.
we sealed the night with a dark decafeinated taste of 'tatorism',
a term i refer to the drink from tanah toraja, celebes island.

cikini street jakarta in jakarta has both heavens.
for friends and for the good time.

1 comment:

B.J.K said...

ask: is it pho bo?

I was eat it several days ago when buka bareng @ some resto here - in Bandung. it's a called of Vietnamese noodle that serve in big bowl,there's a cut of beef top of the noodles.
We can add lemon,cabe merah, bombay onion and toge into the soup.Ouch that's so it.Hmmmm :d nyam..nyam..nyam. O...Ow!