Friday, June 27, 2008

no time ticking

this clock is located in one of the main streets in jogja city, java island.
one night i walked there and saw this unusual clock. i figured out that it has no rotating instruments inside it. the "jarum jam". i dont know what's the right term for it in this language.
and so i wonder if time was actually stopped. or if the artist who built the clock was intentionally make it so, so that when someone like me, or perhaps like you too, see it, they will consider about the same thing. that the clock is no longer ticking. that the time has been stopped. no time ticking. hmmm...


Anonymous said...

ya ampun udah nulis gak masuk pun.Yasud it's okay i'll write down's my comment:
I said what a weird clock but nice caught :)
Then no tick-tock doesn't mean always stopped, juz creation ur own time where u want as free as bird.U can fly through other places where u find new experiences.hohoho that's lovely u know.
Juz look in the other side their still ticking so wherever u are/go,there's always atime to go back alive
hehehehe....(mudah2an yg ini masuk ya)-by belu =D

puspa said...

so you have ever been there? in jogja?
hows it?

no tickling clock brings many meanings, eh?

warm regards from Solo,


Vahd Mulachela said...

yea puspa, i went to jogja a couple of times. i love it. one of the most colorful places i've ever visited. and the people i met seem to take life easily.

as for the clock, yes it has many meanings indeed. or just my imagination runs wild, haha.