Friday, May 07, 2010

act two

in the morning hours in kuala lumpur i sat staring at the white pages of my life. i know time can't be frozen. and neither can it be rolled back.

i thought that if one's life was like a play, then mine is about beginning its 'act two'.

the storyline narrates about you, your meaning to me, and my responds to you. the things you offered me generously struck me as beauty in many emanations. be it a being, an object, a situation or a landscape. these things have a powerful effect on me as they probably do on everyone else.

i found the things we do simply decorate life with detailed motifs. full of sounds and colours expressed to the world in a totally metaphorical language.

happy to see your pink and blue dresses shine like crazy diamonds. my sailor's hat and flannel shirts remain as my company.


p.s. i'd like to thank my friends for yesterday's impromptu surprise in cikini street. a simple birthday party in tan ek tjoan store meant a lot to me.


Anonymous said...

i thought it's about agencies rule-it title...actually nope ya...hahaha :p

waaaww bleu-pink? violet..

BeluBelloBelle said...

Marianka ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hiiiii,,,Happy B'day byl (it must b late,right???hehe)
wish u all the best ^_^


Anonymous said...

Mas..,ni gak ada cerita baru lagi?

Anonymous said...

Ting-tong...howdy Vahd kmn ya catatan barunya? Peace ... ;p

--pinky-bleu dress woman--

Vahd Mulachela said...

thanks, sorry for late replies. :)

Anonymous said...

Permisi numpang isi komennya - baru baca-baca blog dan ketemu judul enak.

wah cerita hebat ... masih ada orang model seperti yang mas ceritain nih? kayak apa judulnya ya tuh orang.

pengen tahu ni ada cerita selanjutnya gak. Maaf ya mas, habisnya clossing cerita yang pertama kayak belum selesai.

suka cerita yang ini juga gara-gara judulnya. Tapi belum ada endingnya ternyata. Serasa nonton film yang ditunggu-tunggu endingnya gitu.

Cerita2 lainnya juga bagus sih mas.
salam bercerita.

Anonymous said...

...things come and go like a living life, many motions and notions everywhere. Took a deep deep deep breath after long time journey plus contemplation and the last said "okay, am ready now. do you?"

-- JK, the free thinker --