Thursday, April 15, 2010

turn in the corner

in these days i'm having a hoarse voice; and i long for a remedy.

but wow. how glad i was when i heard his voice again, and learned that he sounds happy when i called him.

now i know that there is a plan. or two plans, perhaps. one his; another His.

it's been more than a year since i arrived in that train station, visiting him in his small town of lemgo. we tried to be punctual back then; but failed to make it. being on-time was too much a luxury to afford, wasn't it? haa...

having a quality time with him, for small talk, play ps three, or just watch a good movie, is always fun. my best wishes to him, and that may he make a ladder and climb on its every rung to reach his brightest star.

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BeluBelloBelle said...

weyyy there's a nu notes :)...
mmm smile is flying everywhere when read this one :D.
too bad ya there's no thumbs icon here. (well it'll be more than hundreds thumbs i've got - hahahaha :p)