Monday, January 25, 2010


news from darfour
and from kinshasa
arrived at my desk
almost simultaneously:

two torch bearers,
carrying the glow from the stars,
walk through the nights


BeluBelloBelle said...

Hmm africa, home of Felis silvestris.Place where u can get along with those star up there on nite...wups jadi inget buku yg ditulis kemaren2 ^_* peace.

Sudan remind me to a lecturer that came from it place.He likes make a poem about starlight.

This notes remind me to a friend who lost in connection when have a duty there :(

Anyway have fun with those place yeap. dun get lost too pal :)

fiona said...

Siapa tu yang ke Darfur, Byl? Nekat amat ya...:P

bukan'v', apalagi 'p'

Vahd Mulachela said...

@bels: thats right bel. desert sky at night is filled with splendind stars.

@pins: yang ke darfur itu emang nekat. orangnya biasa ke dapur.

fiona said...

Yup, Nabyl scored. Memang 'darfur' ma 'dapur' dekat2. Apalagi kalo yang ngomong orang Bandung.

Anonymous said... of difference!? Or just the other 'black' side..
Stars, Moonlight and plenty of sunshine every day but sometimes hard to find though..But then you have the aerobics with bats flying around you and more men participating in aerobic course as women..Thank you batman!