Wednesday, December 30, 2009

shades of blue

my blue pencil has new friends.
i've got fourty eight new non-toxic faber-castells in my disposal,
my colours, my rainbows to draw something colossal:
such as clouds that will never turn into raindrops or snowfalls,
images that often penetrate my midnight hiding walls,
faces, names, landscapes, places unknown near or far,
think i can sketch thousands of pictures, or maybe, none at all...


Anonymous said...

uuuu just like mine,which still company till nowadays.
C'mon let's play them on ur mind n continue to other medium. Can be paper on ur desk, walls, wood, shirts or everywhere. Juz bring 'em outta ur mind n look alive:)
Start from now on ^_^...c ya swhere fella's

meitha said...

blue pencil, nice to know you.
now, i see some of your friends many colors...lovely!
enjoy the dance on the papers floor.
make Vahd forget of his time, would you all..?

BeluBelloBelle said...

emang masih sempet vahd ?? wkwkwkwk nampak busy aja gituuu...ayo ntar kita tukeran karya - hahahahaha