Friday, September 25, 2009


may you get well soon, boss.
may your leg recover swiftly and may you start kickin' again immediately.
the holiday isn't a holiday without you around.
in our green house, now that the gentle wind is blowing in from the window,
the coffee cup is half-full, i am home with abundance of refreshing ideas,
absorbing whatever a week long vacation in the city of flower can give me.
but this is incomplete.
i will visit you tonight,
bringing for you the violin.
may you get well soon, boss.
and may soon we will ride together again.

"we got our own roads to ride and chances we gotta take,
we stood side by side, each one fightin' for the other;
we said until we died, we'd always be blood brothers."

(blood brothers, bruce springsteen)

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Anonymous said...

wish your brother get well soon byl,,i'm sorry to hear that