Monday, June 02, 2008

the shark and the crocodile

i just returned from a trip to east java. surabaya again, a city known in my country for its heroic history, also for its legendary tale of a fierce fight between a white crododile (the baya) and a white shark (the sura) in order to win the title of "the strongest and most powerful animal" in the area, according to a prophecy.

throughout my stay, i'd count myself lucky for being accompanied by a friend, widyarso. his knowledge about history is adorable. he obtain his degree in that field, actually. and as we both were not so familiar with the city, we decided to roam the city at midnight by a tricycle (becak).

widi and i visited some corners of the city which were looked dead. except for a part where a tomb of a saint, sunan ampel, was located, with sign on the wall saying:

"bezoekers van dit Gebied worden vriendelijk verzocht Islamitische Klederdracht te dragen". similar message is also mentioned in other languages. it means, more or less, that visitors in the sacred place are expected to observe and wear islamic dress code.

i have some interesting pictures taken in that place but i dont have the device to upload it here... pff...

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BeluBelloBelle said...

Actually still wondering the 'intresting' one. When we can see it sir?