Monday, June 09, 2008

noodle and little chinese seamstress for a laugh

welcome, my honorable guests. please sit over there for a while, before i assign to each of you some quality times to be on my bedside, when we will spend hours together reading.

first, you, "noodle maker" by ma jian. yes, you please sit there next to the red dust which i havent returned to its owner.

and then next... yes you, "balzac, and the little chinese steamstress" by dai sijie, please go with 'sang pemimpi', the dreamer, which i just finished yesterday.

and finally, by mo yan, "shin, you'll do anything for a laugh", please take your place on the left deck as i may i give you the opportunity to be read first.

well, thank you for coming from china. i hope with your companion, my weekends and my late night moments will be somehow more oriental. i know santo quite well, a good man who sent you here. maybe he wants me to read the three of you to convert me from a russian-and-irish-literature lover to a big fan of chinese stories. hoho... i cant tell for sure. but nevertheless i should give a credit to emily as well for introducing me to the red dust, a book which carried me to tibet in my dream.

so please feel comfortable in my room. stay as it will be your new home. and if you want some green tea, its available on the plastic box above the fridge.

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Anonymous said...

Kayak buku babe gw jadul,tp emang buku masak.
The dreamer : I intend to read tahat the end of the last year but something happen n make me flow away somewhere and 4got to borrow it.Jd klo lo punya...pinjeemmm ;D
Red Dust : never read this one but it remind me to my own dream 3 yrs ago when i meet an old monk in tibet,he showed me some door and he told me that i should to enter that...well u didn't have the same dream juz like i did right?