Friday, March 28, 2008

futsal nights

every friday night, when the sky is not crying, my friends and i gather on a medium-sized futsal field located in my office complex, and play the five-on-five game. sometimes until the middle of the night. we are frenzied about it. it's true that injuries and muscular pains are unavoidable. but the laughters, the rejoice, and the friendship it creates pay us back with a greater meaning.

i dont quite remember how it started. but i am among the few who is often taking the position as the goal keeper. at least for one term. or until someone is too tired to keep on running but too exited about the game to stop playing. so in that time, vahd becomes the cat of the field. jumping and running, kicking - although not as hard as aldi the commander, and eventually scoring!

the next five to ten seconds after scoring a goal are always the best moments of the evening. we shout. and the boys who are in the same team claps their hands while watching the scorer walking in his distinct way of feeling victorious. so cool.

tonight we will come again. i hope this game will continue to be on my calendar's list for the friday nights to come... or any last working day's night of the week...

if you wish to join, bring your shoes, short and towel.

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diamond said...

Damn...i wish i could join! U know this is one of the reasons why i envy guys so much. U can always have fun without worrying what other people might talk. I've always wanted to play futsal, run in the rain, get dirty like pigs in the mud and sweat like hell. Boy, life would be so wonderful..