Tuesday, February 19, 2008

in favor of chinese flavor

on the day i was assigned at this desk to be in charge of the affairs with east asian nations, i had no idea how high the mountain i was to climb was, or how wide the landscape to be observed was. but then, from daily routines to occasional events, i learned the entire picture is wide enough to include a figure like myself. i gave all sorts of reasons to those kind of activities, and i feel neither guilty nor happy about it.

now while i continue to learn about the game as much as i learn about myself, i discover some interesting facts about chinese flavor. for instance, the most populous country in the world is also home for old, old cultures, with a tremendous sense of curiosity and established civilization. they have concepts for almost everything. they value face. and they symbolize complex things into daily matters, and turn daily matters into a complex of symbols.

those ideas try to invade my mind from day to day. leaving a small room to sneak into the thought of other things... luckily, our minds are made extremely hospitable to such investigation, and i feel small each time i realise this.

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